July 29, 2023 – August 4, 2023 all-day

Medallion Hunt – 2023 Rules & Information:

  • See Ticket information below. Tickets can be purchased at: 1)Stacy Sports Grill 2)Stacy Hardware 3)Studio Blue and 4)Station on 17 [attached to the Hungry Farmer]
  • Once the daily clues begin, tickets will no longer be sold. If you want the opportuntiy to win the $500…get out and get your tickets now!
  •   He/She who finds the Medallion must contact Jim Willeck [612-454-0427] that same day, or forfeit the cash winnings. The Medallion location will be checked daily to verify it is still hidden
  • Clues will be posted over the lunch hour, daily, for the dates and locations shown below


Best wishes…and happy hunting!!!


Medallion Hunt – Stacy Daze