Presidential Nomination Primary Election Notice 2020 March 3 Lent Township

PNP Notice

To the Electors of the Township of Lent, in the County of Chisago, State of Minnesota:

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: That a Presidential Nomination Primary Election will be held at the Lent Town Hall located at 33155 Hemingway Ave., Stacy, MN 55079 on Tuesday, the 3rd day of March 2020. The polls will be open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Presidential Nomination Primary voters must be registered to vote pursuant to Minnesota Statute 201.054, subd.1.

Voters must request the ballot of the major political party for whose candidate the individual wishes to vote. Polling place Election Judges must record in the polling place roster the name of the major political party whose ballot the voter requested. The County Auditor must include the name of the major political party whose ballot the voter requested with the voting history of the Nomination Primary Election. The major political party ballot selected by a Nomination Primary voter is private data, except that it will be shared with the Chairs of the major political parties in the State of Minnesota.

Kelly Wood, Township Clerk