2020-02 Approved Ordinance – Fence

Notice of Or. 2020-02


Chapter 2, Section 4.09 of Lent Township Official Appendices to Official Land Use Ordinance is hereby repealed and replaced in its entirety with the following language to be added to section 4.09 relative to fences.

4.09 Fences

A. Fences in all districts are subject to the following:

  1. No fences shall be permitted on public rights-of-way.

2. Fences may be placed along property lines provided no physical damage of any kind results to abutting property. The entire fence including any post footings must be entirely within the fence owners property.

3. Property owner shall locate and expose property pins to verify property line location, or if property pins cannot be found, the property owner shall have the property corners identified and marked by a licensed surveyor in the State of Minnesota.

4. Fences over six (6) feet in height from the finished grade shall require a building permit in addition to any other required permits.

B. Fences in the Rural Residential – Agriculture (RR-A) district are subject to the following:

1.Chain link, livestock, or similar wire fences may exceed 6 feet in height.

C. Fences in the Rural Residential – I (RR-I) and Rural Residential – II (RR-II) districts are subject to the following:

1.That side of the fence considered to be the face (finished side as opposed to structural supports) shall face abutting property.

2. Fences may be located on side or rear lot lines to a height of four (4) feet above finished grade.

3. Fences which meet side and rear setback requirements, including setback from ordinary high-water mark, shall not exceed six (6) feet in height from finished grade.

4.Fences within the front non-buildable setback area shall not exceed thirty-six (36) inches in height, except chain link fences, which do not obstruct vehicular sight lines, may be five (5) feet in height.

D. Fences in Rural Transit Center (RTC) Districts are subject to the following:

  1. Fences may be erected on the lot line to a height of eight (8) feet from finished grade.

Passed by the Lent Town Board on the 16th day of June 2020.