There has been concern from residents that they will be assessed for the road work that has started.

There will be no assessment.

At the Annual Township Meeting the Road Committee presented to the residents a cost analysis of how much it is to maintain gravel roads in Lent Township. After this presentation, a financial analysis was presented with the cost of replacing the roads with black top / double chip seal. After the presentations were viewed a motion was made on the floor.

Motion: S. Dammann made a motion to approve $600k for the Road and Bridge levy, blacktop/double chip seal the Township roads and approve the Town Board to bond/lend lease/borrow money as needed to complete the road projects. Second by D. Milles.

After discussion, S. Dammann amended his motion to put a $2 million dollar cap on the money being borrowed to put hard surface on the roads. Second by J. Gordy.

By a hand vote, majority rules. Motion passes.

Township Residents will NOT be Assessed for Road Work!