Lent Township General Info-Permit Checklist

Building Permits within the Township of Lent

Chisago County Environmental Services/Zoning – 651-213-8371

Lent Township contracts with Chisago County Department of Environmental Services and Zoning for building permitting, plan review and inspections.

Building permits are required for all new construction and most remodeling, alteration, and repair work in the Township of Lent.  Some permits such as reroof or reside only require filling out the application* and paying the fee. Most other building projects (deck, addition, accessory structure, remodel) require two sets of plans to be submitted for a plan review, and a survey showing all proposed setbacks.  All permits are to be applied for at the Environmental Services Department in the Government Center in Center City.  Staff will determine the construction value and permit fee at the time of application, and the permit will be paid for at that time. After the permit is processed and issued the permit will be mailed to the owner or contractor (whichever is designated at the time of application). All checks should be made payable to the Chisago County Treasurer.

*The building permit applications are in triplicate, and therefore are not available on the website – please contact the County office at 651-213-8372 for mailing of permits.

Inspections –Please call the Environmental Services Department at 651-213-8371 to schedule an inspection. Information needed includes the site address, permit number, and type of inspection. Typically, 24 hours is considered adequate notice.

A Certificate of Occupancy is issued for new home construction upon request and completion of all final building, plumbing and mechanical inspections.  All life safety issues must be completed as well, for specific questions regarding these items please call the County building inspector.

Driveway permits for access from a Township road should be obtained from the Environmental Services office; Chisago County Public Works in Center City issues driveway permits for accesses on County Roads. A fee will be assessed for emergency 911 address signs and swing-arm mailbox posts at the time of a new home application as well.

Zoning information such as the minimum square footage for a single-family dwelling, permitted uses in specific districts, as well as setback information should be obtained from the Township.

The County does not issue electrical permits or inspect or regulate electrical work.  The Minnesota State Board of Electricity should be contacted at 651-284-5064 if you are doing your own wiring.   The State Electrical Inspector is Mark Thoma and he may be contacted for electrical inspections at 320-309-9483.

Lent Township contracts with Chisago County Department of Environmental Services and Zoning for building permitting, plan review and inspections